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edscope is a comprehensive augmented reality solution for interactive, experiential & engaged learning. The content library covers Curriculum, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) concepts, Cognitive & Life Skills.



3D digital content is overlaid on real-world space to give an immersive experience.


Touch, feel and interact with the 3D content.


Experimental assessments, activities-driven content to enhance cognitive and life skills, virtual labs.


Educators, teachers & parents can bring their creativity to life by publishing their content on this platform.


Holistic development

Extensive coverage of the curriculum, STEM-based content, cognitive and life skills results in the holistic development of students.

Learning anytime & anywhere

It offers portable and less expensive learning platform thereby making it easily accessible and mobile.

Long-lasting learning

Experiential & immersive learning content helps retain knowledge for longer duration and develop fundamental concepts.

Maximum efficiency & productivity

Do not require any special setup or hardware to access the content. No special training required for running the content.

Collaborative & ever-growing content

Teachers can become Global Educators by launching their lesson plans & ideas on our platform.

Improved Motivation & higher Engagement

Interactive, gamified AR learning can have a significant positive impact on students. It keeps them engaged throughout the lesson and makes learning fun and effortless.

Bring out your creative side and become a
Global Educator !


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